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Welcome to Jungle Creatures, Inc.

Jungle Creatures, Inc. develops commercial business software products and developer tools for the Microsoft .NET Platform. Consulting services are also available for the .NET and J2EE platforms. All of these products are written as 100% managed code using the C# language and the .NET Framework. Decompiler.NET and Deploy.NET are the first of these tools to be released. All products always utilize the current release of the Microsoft .NET Framework (Currently v1.1 - 1.1.4322). Jungle Creatures, Inc. will always offer free upgrades and technical support. New product versions with bug fixes and additional features are made available on a regular basis.

News and Features

Web Site
We had an issue with our server and have now re-hosted our site. Please let us know if you encounter any issues.  
Special Offer for MSDN Subscribers
As part of a special arrangement, Jungle Creatures, Inc. and Microsoft have partnered to provide free of charge a limited version of Decompiler.NET to all active MSDN subscribers. See the Special Offers tab for more details.  
New Multidimensional Array and Unsafe Code Optimizations
The latest version of Decompiler.NET has new optimizations for initializing multidimensional arrays. It also has a new implementation for supporting fixed statements and unsafe code.  
License File Problems
Some of the older license files that were issued may fail in the latest version of Decompiler.NET. We are sorry about any inconvenience this may have caused you. If you are having a problem with your license in the latest version, please delete your license file, and generate a new license request using the dialog in the latest version and send it to us. We'll sign it immediately and send it back to you.  
New Condition Statement Optimizations
The latest version of Decompiler.NET has some additional optimizations for combining condition statement sequences into if-then-else-if sequences.  
Additional Obfuscation Capabilities
The Obfuscation feature in the latest version of Decompiler.NET v. now extends it's ability to automatically refactor public members to include members that implement internal interfaces by generating additional stub members to retain their public names while obfuscating their interface implementations.  
License File Problems
Some older customers may experience problems with their license files after updating to the latest version of Decompiler.NET. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. If you encounter a problem, please delete your license.xml file and generate a new one using the license dialog in the application and send it to us at to be resigned. We will sign it and send it back to you as soon as we receive it.  
New Array and ICollection ForEach Optimizations
The latest version of Decompiler.NET includes new optimizations for converting array iterations and other ICollection collections to foreach statements in both forward and backward directions.  
Decompiler.NET - More Optimizations, Better VB.NET Designer, J# Support
The latest build of Decompiler.NET adds additional optimizations for variable assignment sequences that fix issues with opening Windows Forms compiled with VB.NET in the Windows Forms Designer. This version also improves support for decompiling code originally compiled with J# and provides better support for translating J# to C#.  
Decompiler.NET now has links on members as well as types
The latest build of Decompiler.NET includes support for hyperlinks on all members as well as types including constructors, fields, properties, events, and nested types. Hyperlinks in the browser interface make it easier to navigate your source code in the broweser user interface.  
Decompiler.NET Visual Studio 2003 Integration
The latest version of Decompiler.NET includes an add-in for Visual Studio 2003 that loads Decompiler.NET as a dockable Visual Studio tool window.  
New - Code Formatting in Browser UI
The latest version of Decompiler.NET now contains code formatting and hyperlinks in the interactive assembly browser user interface.  
Decompiler.NET 1.3.0 has a preview of the upcoming Class Browser feature.
The latest version of Decompiler.NET 1.3.0 contains an early look at a new class browser user interface. Inline decompilation and support for saving your open assembly configuration in the class browser will be available soon.  
Automatic Refactoring
A new version of Decompiler.NET is now available that provides an early demonstration of automatic refactoring capabilities. The Refactoring option is intended to automatically identify common design patterns and generate code that automatically applies them based on the user's selected criteria. Please check back for the official release of this feature coming soon.  
More Bug Fixes - Nested Inline Assigments
A new build of Decompiler.NET is now available that provides better support for nested inline assignment statements and increment expressions. You should install this updated version.  
Decompiler.NET v1.2.0.11286 - Some Bug Fixes
A new version of Decompiler.NET v1.2.0.11286 is now available that fixes a few bugs related to branching, returned array references, and handling of sbyte expressions. You should install this latest release.  
New Optimizations
Another build of Decompiler.NET is now available that adds additional optimizations that improve loop recognition and also includes additional support for further simplifying expressions.  
New Obfuscation Feature - Automatically Generates Public Stubs
The latest release of Decompiler.NET now adds a powerful new obfuscation feature that automatically generates stub methods for public members and obfuscates their bodies in seperate methods with obfuscated names. Other methods within the same assembly reference the obfuscated internal versions by their obfuscated names and the public names are still accessible via the stubs to classes in external assemblies.  
New License Keys Issued
The latest version of Decompiler.NET requires that you install an updated license file. You should have received an updated license file via email. Please replace your existing license file with this new one after installing the latest release.  
Decompiler.NET 1.2.0 Released
A new version of Decompiler.NET 1.2.0 is now available. This new release generates code which now retains original local variable names when the pdb file is available.  
New Decompiler.NET v1.1 Released
This new version has additional features such as recognizing string switch statements, and the ability to output inline commented MSIL. The latest build also corrects some code generation issues with complex boolean and conditional expressions and better support for unsafe code and type conversions.  

Product Focus

Deploy.NET is a tool for packaging Windows Forms based .NET applications for deployment. Deploy.NET assists .NET application developers in protecting their proprietary code using encryption technology.

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